No one can really think that tweet has triggered the public spat. It’s just once again Jews are a convenient tool in an attempt to avoid public debate of governmental failure. Wonder where the party has learned to use us this way.

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Thank you for sharing this very important letter.

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Starmer and Sunak - two puppets from the same tricksters box:


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Rishi Sunak is an anagram of 'Hi risk anus'.

Keir Starmer is an anagram of 'I Mr trek arse '.

I think that shows some similarities. :)



I must do a post on Mr Starmer sometime.

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I love your anagrams! So telling about those bum chums! My favourite anagram of the moment is Lone Skum for Elon Musk. I think that is incredibly accurate too!

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Well done, I shall try and remember that! Somehow Elon Musk reminds me of a North Korean villain who had his face altered in James Bond movie.

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