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Holy moly... our glorious public-health leaders knew this EIGHT MONTHS AGO??

And instead of heeding the call for "prompt investigation", they went the other way and pushed a 4th shot on the population.

Meanwhile the Nature eds. took this credible data showing fatal red flags... and slow-walked the article through 8 months of peer review. Their average time from submission to publication (including peer review and revisions) is FIVE months. I looked it up.

We will never how many people's lives could have been spared if they had been warned during the interim not to take any more experimental Pfizer into their bodies.

And the insanity just won't stop. Around a month ago, with the virus fast becoming history, I got a text message from my health clinic -- they were still "strongly recommending" that I take the FIRST jab, because the stuff "has undergone and continues to undergo rigorous safety checks." Uh-huh.

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Wow, that is alarming! 💔❤️‍🔥

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